Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Down came the rain...

it was raining again that day

the rains fuming venom again

old memories came to play

everyone had a story to say...

As I stood in the balcony and watched the incessant rain dance wildly on rooftops, roads, umbrellas, cars, rickshaws alike, flashbacks of another rainy day shot back from the past. It has been 2 years so to say, but memories of that day fail to fade away, not even the little details. I recall every moment in all its clarity.

Human chains meandering on supposed highways, which had transformed to river beds, holding each other lest the other was swept away by a fatal torrent or swallowed by an open manhole. Drowning hutments, uprooted trees, floating cars, submerged buses, people clambering out, trying to get a safe foot somewhere, it was all there in front of me just like in the movies. Water and only water, as far as the eye could stay afloat. I remember holding hands with unknown people and walking over road dividers, whatever was visible of them.

When we were struggling on the over-bridge, I chanced to glance down, and what I saw was a breathtaking scene, a swarm of people, crawling below us, speckled with the most vibrant and bright colored umbrellas. It seemed to add color to that dreadful environment, making the vicious moment look so pretty. Strange are the times you spot beauty.

It was only after 7 grueling hours of marathon wading through water that I managed to trudge home, tired, hungry with a drenched, sore body and a horrified conscience. Even after all that I had seen, the gravity of the whole situation began to sink in only after hearing more horror stories and losing an ex-colleague. I had been lucky.

The day passed, though it seemed it would not end at all, it passed but not before it had enjoyed destruction, death, fear. The city spirit was at rescue again which reinforced the dwindling sentiments for humanity. The new dawn staggered in, with a long TO-DO list at hand.

Two years have passed but even today when the rain gods are in a mood to display their prowess, the scars hurt.